Warm Vanilla Room Spray

Ditch the Febreeze and scented candles... if you didn't know yet, they are toxic and full of JUNK! Believe me, try going with out them for a while. You'll actually detox the chemicals from your system and when you walk by them or go in a room with them you will notice how yucky you feel. You'll most likely get a headache. Have you experienced this??

I know the scents are so enticing and I used to be the girl who had to have everything Pumpkin Spice scented. But now- I can't stand those synthetic fragrances and my body can immediately tell when I'm around them. Yuck!

But there are so many ways to get those same, lovely scents but in a much healthier way. Take this Warm Vanilla Room Spray - it is soooo good and actually lingers in the air for a long time! (And just google the health benefits of the individual essential oils 😱.)

Use the oils in the diffuser or add to a spray bottle with Vanilla.

Warm Vanilla Room Spray:

  • 2 Tbls Vanilla extract

  • 6 drops Orange essential oil

  • 5 drops Cinnamon essential oil

  • 5 drops Clove essential oil

  • Distilled Water


Add essential oils and vanilla to a 2 oz spray bottle. Top off with distilled water. Seal with sprayer top and shake well. Enjoy!

So give it a try. I promise you won't miss those candles and air fresheners. 😉

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