Using Oils for Fitness

Before, after or during a workout we may need a little jump start to get our minds and our bodies ready for what we're about to go through or what we've just been through. Here are some essentials that do the trick:

Breath Again Roll-on: an invigorating aroma that helps open up your airways and gives you a sense of clarity. It's already pre-diluted which is super convenient! Use before or during

RC Essential Oil: can be applied before a workout to get you energized and motivated. (Can also be used interchangeably with Breathe Again)

Thieves Essential Oil: a couple drops of this oil in your shoes before a workout will leave them smelling fresh when you're finished. Your family will thank you!

Motivation Essential Oil: if you couldn't guess, this one's pretty obvious! It stimulates positivity and helps diminish feelings of fear or laziness.

Ningxia Red: a super fruit drink that is packed with antioxidants. It holds so many benefits but is also great for supporting your energy levels during a workout.

En-R-Gee Essential Oil: this is a blend of oils that help with mental alertness before activity. Energy in a bottle!

Ningxia Nitro: this is a great replacement for the sugary energy drinks. It's infused with essential oils and is a great natural option to give you a boost of energy levels and alertness.

Lemon Essential Oil: this crisp scent is uplifting and promotes clarity before working out.

Ningxia Zyng: this is a delicious bubbly drink with no artificial flavors, colors sweetness or preservatives. Zyng is another great option for an energy boost!

Peppermint Essential Oil: invigorates the mind and increases the concentration of oxygen in your blood. It can also be applied topically before a workout to give a cooling sensation on a hot day. Feels. So. Good.

Pure Protein Complete: we all know it's important to have enough energy going into a workout. Young Living's Pure Protein Complete makes a great pre-workout snack to help sustain you while you're gettin' your sweat on, or use after to replenish.

Super B: For our bodies, B vitamins = energy. Super B is made up of eight essential B vitamins to increase energy levels and promote a happy cardiovascular system.

Panaway Essential Oil: perfect to rub on muscles after exercise. It also has a stimulating menthol aroma.

Deep Relief Roll-on: an amazing blend of oils that gives a cooling sensation after your workout. Use it during to refresh your muscles. A favorite for sure!

Cool Azul Sports Gel: use topically after exercising to hydrate your skin while providing a cooling sensation that won't leave you feeling greasy.

Cool Azul Pain Cream: a magical cream that is great to use topically on any sore muscles or joints to relive pain.

Ortho Sport Massage Gel: provides a warming sensation to massage into and soothe achy muscles.

Aroma Siez: specifically formulated for active bodies to help soothe and comfort muscles after activity.

OmegaGize: an omega 3 fatty acid supplement infused with essential oils. Use it daily to support joint, heart, brain and eye health.

Master Formula: a full spectrum multi-nutrient complex of vitamins, minerals and food-based nutrients to support general health and well-being.

What are your favorite pre or post-workout essentials?

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