Plant-based, DEET free Bug Repellent

I don't go anywhere without bug spray during the summer. Living in the south, we can't seem to escape the mosquitoes, ants, ticks and other creepy crawlers. We've recently come to find out that our son is kind of allergic (or at least super reactive) to certain bug bites. His whole foot or leg will swell up and bruise when bitten! But, we love to be outside.

So it's super important for us to use a bug spray that WORKS and is preferably chemical and toxin-free. Enter Young Living's Bug Repellent. It's plant based and DEET free. 🙌🏻

Plant based, toxin-free bug repellent that actually works!

Guys... it works! Like sooo good! And all you need is about a pea size of this oil to cover your legs, so it lasts a loooong time. Whoop whoop!

Make sure you grab some to keep on hand! And if you don't have a Young Living account yet, I'm here for ya. 😉 Let me show you how you can get your hands on some here.

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