My Little Friend - Valor

Say hello to my little friend. 👋🏻 Everyone, this is Valor. Aka “Courage in a bottle” 💪🏻. This blend gives me all the bravery and confidence to tackle any big emotions (like anxiousness, worry or stress).

Many people also call it Chiropractor in a bottle so I love to roll it on my spine to help align, balance and relive back discomfort. It also works wonders for sleep and is said to have helped with snoring 😴 😳. Valor has the most amazing sweet, woodsy aroma- just open the bottle and sniff. 🤤😍 Hands down a favorite oil I will NEVER go without. 🙌🏻

I’ve put 15 drops in this cute roller bottle, added some Sodalite gemstones (meant to ease pressure & worry and help support sleep 💤) and topped it off with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil). 💕

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