Green Drink in Capsule Form

Who else loves a good green drink? But maybe you don't have enough time to make them yourself or don't want to spend all that $$ on buying them each day/week.

Or maybe you just don't get enough greens in your diet (and I would bet that's most of us!).

That's why I take Multigreens from Young Living. It's easy and gives my body the nutrients it needs.

Get all your Greens in Capsule Form

Did you know that through clinical experience it's been shown that before putting essential oils into the Multigreen formula, there was 42 % blood absorption in 24 hours.

After adding the essential oils to the formula, blood absorption increased to 64% in 30 minutes and 86% in 1 hour!

Some Ingredients:

  • Bee Pollen - high in protein and loaded with vitamins and minerals

  • Spirulina - improves energy and metabolism

  • Barley Grass - cleansing antioxidant, rich in vital minerals

  • Pacific Kelp - thyroid hormone and estrogen support

  • L-Cystene - supports healthy over function

  • L-Tyrosne - supports production of neurotransmitters

Essential Oils:





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