DIY Breath Spray

Do you usually chew gum or have a mint after a meal or throughout the day? Have you read the nutrition labels on them? They can be full of artificial coloring and sweeteners, preservatives, and can even be loaded with sugar.

I like to carry this little breath freshener in my purse/car/bag and it's super easy to make.

Fresh breath wherever you go!

DIY Breath Spray:

  • 5 mL spray bottle

  • 1-3 drops Young Living essential oil

  • Distilled water


Add your choice of YL essential oil (I like to use Peppermint, or Cinnamon or Spearmint) and then top off with distilled water. Give it a shake before you spray.

Start low and go slow. Personally I like to use 3 drops of Peppermint, but that can be too strong for some people. So start with 1 drop and see how you like it. You can always add more. 😉

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