Christmas Spirit Thieves Cleaner

Anyone else like to jazz up their household cleaner?

I'm obsessed with my Christmas Spirit Thieves Cleaner and my house is thanking me... it smells so good that I'm cleaning way more often. 😂

What to do:

- in a 16 oz glass spray bottle:

* add 15 drops Christmas Spirit essential oil

* add 5 drops Orange essential oil

* add 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner

* top off with water

* clean away!

So glad I ditched the standard household cleaners that are full of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances and sapped for this plant based cleaner that I can seasonally customize!

And if you're wondering whether it actually cleans and gets rid of germs.... YES! It does! 🙌🏻

Click here for more info on Thieves.

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