5 Ways to Use Digize Essential Oil

Digize is one of the first oils that convinced my husband that there really is something to these oils. 😂 It comes in the Premium Starter Kit and is one we ALWAYS have on us. Check out a few ways this oil can be used below:

  1. Take via capsule for tummy troubles (provides almost immediate relief).

  2. Rub in a circle around belly button to either 1. Get things moving (clockwise) and 2. Stop the movements ya feel? (counter-clockwise)

  3. Rub on tummy to relieve car sickness.

  4. Dilute and massage on feet of a colicky baby.

  5. Add to a roller bottle with peppermint for a happy tummy.

Learn more about essential oil basics HERE.

Interested in the Premium Starter Kit? Explore more HERE.

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