13 Ways to Use Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba essential oil comes in the Premium Starter Kit. It's a very underrated oil, in my opinion. Everyone should be using this oil WAY more! There are so many ways to use it, but check out the list below for starters:

  1. Take 2-4 drops of Copaiba Vitality in an empty vegetable capsule for joint support.

  2. Put 2 drops under your tongue to calm nerves, worry or fret.

  3. Add to any other oil to intensify its effects. (It's a magnifying oil!)

  4. Rub on gums of a teething baby.

  5. Take 1 drop with spoonful of honey to soothe your throat.

  6. Apply with lavender and frankincense to soothe irritated skin.

  7. Apply over that zit that inevitably pops up on picture day.

  8. Put on that knee that bugs you and then add Panaway on top.

  9. Add 1-2 drops to your coffee or tea each morning.

  10. Rub 1 drop around eyes to help tighten skin.

  11. Use in place of CBD oil, works similarly.

  12. Add extra drop to Stress Away for added effect.

  13. Diffuse with Lavender or Stress Away for sleep support.

Learn more about essential oil basics HERE.

Interested in the Premium Starter Kit? Explore more HERE.

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