- Meet Lindsey -

Hey! I'm Lindsey and I'm so glad you found my site!

I'm a wife, a mom, a hair & makeup artist and an essential oil enthusiast. I live in Charlotte, NC with my amazing, handsome, super supportive husband and cutie patootie, light up my life 5 year old son. I believe in being the best version of ourselves through positivity, laughter, grace and patience. Ok, who am I kidding... and wine!!


Becoming pregnant with my son really opened up my eyes, making me realize and pay more attention to what I was putting in and on my body. What products we use in our home. What we are breathing in every day.

From there it was a snowball effect... How can we be more proactive and preventative in our overall wellness? How can we get ahead of our health rather than always chasing it with temporary solutions?

So making changes to avoid toxins where we can was something I became very serious about.

Now we can't escape the world of pesticides, genetically modified foods, toxic chemicals  and processed food, right?! We'd have to live in a bubble! 

We have a choice

 in what foods to buy, what cosmetics we use, what products we clean with, and the type of remedies to use when we are hurt or feel unwell. 

Enter essential oils

along with continuous learning, a supportive and fun community of like minded people, and a generous company willing to go above and beyond a standard of quality.

Helping people is my passion

Many people can feel overwhelmed when thinking about ‘getting healthier’ and what that means.  I love helping people take simple steps to get the results they want, and I love even more when they realize ‘I CAN do this!’  


YOU CAN LIVE A BETTER LIFE.  Do you want better sleep?  Less stress?  More wellness?  Better moods?  A healthier, less chemical-filled home?  I can help you.  Start by watching my Essential Oils 101 video.  Then let’s chat.

I've helped many families take control of their health and create a healthier home by adding essential oils to their tool belt. YOU can do it too, I'd love to help!

On a personal note...

I'm a natural red head and don't color my hair. Of course growing up I didn't appreciate it but as an adult I've grown to love it. 

My husband is the most supportive person I could ask for and I'm the lucky one. ;) He is from Sweden and no longer has an accent... although I secretly wish he did. :-D

I still love anything Harry Potter.

I'll admit that I seem to only have a good comeback or one-liner maybe once a year, if I'm lucky. 

I'm a Christmas freak... I have 4 Christmas trees, start listening to Christmas music November 1st (or earlier), love all the cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, and am totally proud that I've passed my Christmas passion on to my son.  

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